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Take-a-Hop MilSpaceA App for iOS Support Page

We want you to get the most out of using the MilSpaceA app, so here's a short page about what to do when the app doesn't quite function as you'd expect it to.

First, are you having trouble installing or running the iOS app? Resist the urge to rage in a App Store review--it hurts all of us and helps no one (and I'll explain that below). Just write me and I'll get on it and try to help out ASAP.

If an install issue or a crash problem is the reason for visiting this page, please write me a quick e-mail telling me:

Send that information to me at: ios.support (AT) takeahop DOT com. I assure you we'll look into it!

And hold off on bashing it in the App Store--give us the chance to work it! Like I said, you hurt yourself and others by app-store-bashing. It only makes it harder to gain new users, and new users will help to keep future updates FREE for YOU. So, give me a solid chance to help you. Thanks!

About Take-a-Hop: what's it about?

Take-a-Hop MilSpaceA is primarily designed to streamline registration for DoD space-available travel.

You could use a terminal's own signup form, but then you're signing up for departure from only one airfield. Or you could use the Air Mobility Command website, but it's limited to providing primarily AMC terminals. And there are two or three other signup services but either 1) they're covered in ad space, 2) only provide one-at-a-time terminal signup, or also 3) have the same "mostly only AMC terminals" limitation. In one case, another private site claims to be the "#1 site for online space-a signups" with ~20,000 sign-ups versus Take-a-Hop's over 345,000 sign-ups. Well then ;)

Back to Take-a-Hop: we bring you as many known and valid space-a air terminals allowing remote registration as possible. And Take-a-Hop's MilSpaceA app goes further, providing a simple-to-use mobile interface, enhanced with local information suitable for off-line use. And when you're online, you get you basic local weather, too.

Suffice it to say, Take-a-Hop's MilSpaceA tries to provide you the best of all worlds: quick & easy signup, local info, and service you've been able to depend on for years now.

You can rapidly select the various data fields, choose your departure points, certify your travel, and MilSpaceA app will combine the result into a preformatted signup for you. At that point, you can also add additional e-mail addresses to receive the signup (for example, one of your backup accounts). When you're ready, you click "Send" and the signups are sent to the terminals.

Any tips on where to start?

Begin by making sure you're eligible to travel space-a. Nothing will sour the space-a experience more quickly than finding out that you're either not eligible to travel or you're missing the required documentation.

Can I store a complete draft sign up in my drafts folder?

Sure you can, but ask yourself if it's worth the confusion you might cause yourself.MilSpaceA is so easy to use, including building your signups offline and storing traveler data in your device. If you already know when you'll need to sign up again (say, in 55 days), just set yourself a calendar date alarm and crank out the signup realtime when that day comes.

How do I add images/documents to the sign up?

It's doable for a one page attachment per e-mail, but it's not as easy as we'd like it to be, so we're already working on a better work-around solution.

But, in the meantime: step out of MilSpaceA and go into the Photo app (or other image source) and tap and hold on the image and copy it to the iDevice's clipboard. Switch back to MilSpaceA and run through the signup process until just prior to sending. Then, scroll down the e-mail and tap and hold again in the bottom of the e-mail. It will ask if you want to paste. You might be prompted to reduce the image size. If you want to better ensure readability, select the choice with the highest resolution. Choose "Paste". After your photo is pasted in, check it for readability and then click send.

Any other tips and advice for getting the best out of Take-a-Hop?

How can I get help with my signup?

Your official point of contact is the DEPARTURE TERMINAL you intend to depart from, but do yourself (and the terminal) a favor: read up on the basics of space-a at either http://www.amc.af.mil/Home/AMC-Travel-Site/ or SpaceA.net first. And visit Pepperd.com and read through the archives and recent posts. There's a wealth of knowledge in both the Pepperd.com forums and in JohnD's SpaceA.net website.

Don't hesitate to CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SPACE-A TERMINAL for any questions directly related to space-a.

If you have a problem directly related to the MilSpaceA app, drop us a line (feedback button is available inside the app). We'll do our best to look into the problem.

It seems like some of the main AMC terminals (Dover, Charleston, Ramstein, Rota, etc.) are missing. How can I fix that?

The actual list of locations in the app is about 90. If your list contains considerably less than that, simply delete the app and then reinstall via the App Store. You won't be charged twice and the list should repopulate in full. We're guessing the issue is caused by a hiccup in the data connection during update, resulting in 1) too short of a list and 2) inability to later re-populate to grab the full list. It's very likely caused by a temporary disruption in your connection during the app's update sequence. We're looking into methods to better overcome intermittent data connections.

What if I have a suggestion, comment or request for MilSpaceA app?

We're always striving to create a better signup experience for users, as well as for the passenger service agents. We love to hear how people are using our app and looking for ways to improve it with future updates. Utilize the feedback function (inside the app) to let us know what you'd like to see. If there's enough demand for a particular feature, we'll certainly look into it.

If you believe in what Take-a-Hop is all about and you find MilSpaceA app useful, we'd appreciate your 5-star rating (High ratings will bring more users and ultimately more and faster upgrades.) I can't ask it enough: if there's something you're not happy with, before you ding us in the App Store, we ask that you give us the opportunity to bring you what you need by providing us direct e-mail feedback.

Thank you and Happy Travels!