DoD Military Space-A Signup
for iPhone and Android*
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Department of Defense (DoD) Space-Available Travel Remote Registration on your mobile device.

Designed specifically for authorized U.S. government personnel to register for DoD space-available travel using iPhone® / iPod® Touch / iPad®, and over 6,800 different Android® device types.

Contractors, active duty on TDY, even non-affiliated visiting family members use MilSpaceA app as well--there's much more here than just space-a signup.

Transforming DoD space-a travel by putting key location information right at your fingertips, right when you need it.

  • Remote Space-A Registration for multiple airfields
  • Single online transaction for all listed terminals
  •   --one transaction and your sign-ups are distributed
  • Sign up for locations which only accept faxes
  • Multi-branch terminal support (US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Marines, Coast Guard, Active, Guard & Reserve locations)
  • Basic Facility Information (Terminal Phone numbers, etc.)
  • Adheres to Air Mobility Command (AMC) rules
  •   --Remote sign-up is generated by your e-mail client with your e-mail address as the sender
  •   --A copy of the e-mail sign-up is saved directly in your e-mail account
  • Basic tips for arrival and departure Info
  •   --Tips on being travel ready, baggage allowance info, etc.
  • Utilizes Local Storage
  •   --Prepare your signups. Then transmit when you've got e-mail connectivity
  •   --Or do everything online in one setting. You choose what's best for you
  • Automatic Data Updates when Starting the App
  •   --Fetches updated terminal and local airfield info automatically, or use the in-app manual update function
  •   --Won't require an AppStore visit just for new or changed terminal info
  • Eliminates the double-confirmation system used by the Signup Server
  • Personal Template with Full Control of your Data
  •   --Template auto-saved on your device only
  •   --Ability to Purge your data at any time
  • In-App Signup Archive
  •   --Signups are stored in-app (as well as in user's own e-mail "Sent" items)
  •   --Users can view signups (grouped by under-45 days, 45-60 days, and 60+ days), and delete/purge expired signups.
  • Terminals' Facebook integration
  •   --For air terminals with Facebook: direct links to their pages
  • Foreign Currency Rates
  •   --daily exchange rates for foreign AOIs.
  • Enhanced signup archive (on iOS: iCloud & Passbook integration
  • Accommodations
  •   --Billeting
  •   --Area Hotels
  • Eating Establishments
  •   --Food Courts
  •   --Military Dining Facilities
  •   ----With "Retirees Permitted / Not Permitted" Annotations
  •   --Mil Clubs
  •   --Area Eateries
  • Shopping
  •   --Exchanges, Shoppettes
  •   --Commissaries
  • USO information
  • Locations' Primary Space-A Aircraft
  •   --Aircraft Types most often seen at a Particular Airfield
  • Ground Transportation Info
  •   --Car Rental
  •   --Shuttle Services
  • Aircraft Gallery
  •   --Depictions & basic descriptions of the DoD pax-carrying aircraft
  • Document Library
  •   --Key space-a policy documents from DoD, AMC and others
  •   --Guides, handbooks, and brochures from AMC & Take-a-Hop
  •   --AMCGrams produced by local AMC terminals.
  •   --Samples of common space-a forms and letters (PDF format)
  • Enabled In-App Purchases (iOS)
  •   --Some users want specialization, above and beyond "core space-a"
  •   --Will allow us to bring more specific add-ons, financed only by those who truly want that specific functionality.
  • User's own AOI notes
  •   --User can add their own AOI-specific text notes
  •   --Send a copy of user notes via e-mail to yourself or others.
  • World maps of selectable locations
  •   --User can tap the map to select an AOI
MilSpaceA app for iOS is available in Apple's App Store.

MilSpaceA app for Android is available at Google Play.

And we're continually planning for future versions!

This is a living/breathing app, with new airfields and new accommodations/dining/shopping facilities added when available (transparently in the background, without needing app updates in the App Store or on Google Play).

If you notice on-base facilities that aren't listed for a particular airfield, let me know using the in-app feedback button (and save your ratings/reviews until you're 5-star-satisfied, please).

For support issues, please see our support pages for iOS or Android.

We take every measure to adhere to U.S. Federal Government and Air Mobility Command (AMC) rules and respect your personal data and privacy.

Inform yourself ahead of time to ensure you're authorized to travel space-available on DoD aircraft. A full listing of eligible passengers, broken down by category can be found in DoD Regulation 4515.13-R. Utilize the Space-A community's resources to ensure a smooth Space-A experience. Visit AMC's official travel website. Visit and support Pepperd.com and join in the Space-A discussions. Use and support John D.'s SpaceA.net, an extensive collection of reference materials relating to Space-A travel. Spacea.net contains many more locations that are not yet incorporated into the app; use it for your planning needs prior to travel (and please support his efforts as well.)

The author of this app is independent from and for the purposes of this app, not affiliated with, representing, associated, or sponsored by the U.S. Government. Takeahop's Signup Server has a proud history serving over a million space-a signups! Thank you for the continued trust and support.

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